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What is Sports for Life?
Sports for Life (SFL) is a programme that allows students to choose the sports they like as part of their curriculum. It is a programme that is very similar to Physical Exercise (PE), but one with greater variety of sports like laser tag, ultimate frisbee, inline skating, yoga etc.

Why Sports for Life?
The aim of Sports for Life is to encourage students to take up sports and continue leading a healthy lifestyle. It also helps to discover students with sports talents and groom them to reach their potential. Sports for Life also provides a platform for students to make new friends from other courses.


 Through Sports for Life, you get to:

  • Learn new sports
  • Gain new experiences
  • Get to make new friends
  • Discover your hidden talent/passion

Type of Modules

Sports for Life Award*

The Sports for Life Award gives recognition to students who have been physically active throughout the whole of their SP experience. By fulfilling the requirements below, attractive incentives will be awarded.

Be rewarded for maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. Don’t miss out on the attractive incentives up for grabs!
*with effect from 2015



You can login to Student Portal >> e-Services >> Sports for Life >> SFL Module Ranking
The screen below will be displayed, please select your first three choices of SFL modules.

*Year 2 and Year 3 students should only sign up for a SFL elective module during their free timetabled time.

Year 2 and Year 3 Students

You can login to the assigned google document URL to register (you should only sign up for a SFL elective module during your free timetabled time)

Year 2 students: Year 2

Year 3 students: Year 3

Please note the registration period for your diploma:

Year 1 Start End
DAC, DIB, DID, DXPD & DMR 13 October 2014, 8am 15 October 2014, 5pm
DARE & DME 14 October 2014, 8am 16 October 2014, 5pm
Year 2 and 3 Start End
ALL Diplomas 13 October 2014, 8am 22 October 2014, 5pm

Lesson Schedule:

SFL 6th Run-Year 1 Schedule SFL 6th Run-Year 2 Schedule SFL 6th Run-Year 3 Schedule

*Note: All equipment provided. Students are allowed to bring their own equipment if they wish to. No experience needed.

PFP-Compulsory Modules Venue Time
MondayTuesdayThursdayFriday Semester 1Fitness trainingSemester 2Games Series(Tchoukball & Ultimate Frisbee) SP Sports Complex 4-6pm

Year 1

+to be confirmed

SFL Elective Schedule



  • Medical Condition Declaration
Download Indemnity Form (Sports for Life)
  • Ensure that you have sufficient sleep the night before (recommended 7 hours)
  • You should seek doctor’s advice before participating in sports activities if you have been ill in the last 1 week
  • Hydrate yourself sufficiently
  • Read up on Sports Safety before taking part in SFL activities (

During Activity

  • Warm up adequately
  • As a guide, take water breaks half-hourly


  • Cool down with light exercises and stretching exercises
  • Hydrate yourself adequately after the lesson
  • Inform coaches if you are not feeling well


Q: What happens if I miss the registration deadline?

  • For Year 1 students, you will be assigned to a module which has a vacancy.
  • For Year 2 and Year 3 students, you will not be selected for any module as it is an elective module for year 2 and Year 3 students.
  • All PFP students do not need to register for SFL module as the school will register for you.

Q: Will I be able to change my module after the registration period?
A: You may request for change of module during the appeal period. However, changes will be subjected to availability.

Q: Where will the lessons be held?
A: All modules, except Bowling and Badminton will be held in SP campus.
Students who have lessons (eg. Diploma Plus program and Foreign Language course) scheduled after SFL in the timetable are encouraged to select a module which will be held in SP campus to minimise travelling time.

Q: What do I need to bring for SFL lessons?
A: Towel, water bottle, sunscreen, personal medication (if applicable) and be properly attired.

Q: What should I do if I’m unwell?

  • If you are unwell for the whole day of school [unfit for work/duty], please submit your MC to your respective school as per normal.
  • If you are unfit for physical activity and wish to be excused from SFL lesson only, please submit your MC to DSD*.
  • If you are unwell just before SFL lesson or during the lesson, stop activity immediately and inform your coaches.

Q: Will there be SFL lesson if it rains?
A: Report at designated venue to get specific instructions from your coaches.

Q: Will SFL affect my GPA?
A: SFL will not affect GPA, progression or graduation.

Q: What are the criteria to pass my SFL module?
A: You need to satisfy at least 70% attendance as well as attain a pass in skills assessment.

Q: If I have taken a SFL module in semester 1, am I required to take another module in semester 2?

  • PFP students are required to take SFL module in both semester 1 and semester 2
  • Year 1 students are required to take a SFL module either in semester 1 OR semester 2. The timetable (semester and day) will be determined by the school
  • Year 2 and Year 3 students who are interested in taking up SFL may choose to register for a SFL module either in semester 1 or 2. You may only take 1 SFL module in each year of your studies in SP.

Contact Us

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For more enquiries, please contact:

  • Ms Shaidah
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