All Singaporean/PR Male final year NS-eligible students would be required to serve National Service (NS).  Other than your Physical Employment Standards (PES), your Pre-Enlistee Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) scores and Body Mass Index (BMI) will play a part in the type and duration of the basic training you will go through as a recruit in each of the uniformed Services you could be assigned to (Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Civil Defence Force or Singapore Police Force) for your full-time National Service (NS).

Hence, the Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations (SA) would be conducting IPPT for Final Year NS-Eligible Male PES A & B1 students for 2019.

For pre-enlistees, only PES A & B1 are required to take IPPT.  Other PES status (E.g. B2, BP, C, D, E & F etc.) are exempted.  Students on long-term MC or are currently injured are also exempted.  For exemption, please email proof of your PES status/MC/Doctor’s Letter and your admin number to

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If you have taken your IPPT and achieved a pass but yet to receive an enlistment notice for the PTP batch, please take a screenshot of your best result and send to this email address: