Dear Students

Touching Lives, Lifting Spirits …

Please read on if you are interested to participate in this inaugural project to Surabaya from 27 Sept to 9 Oct 2015.

SP, in collaboration with the YMCA of Singapore, will be taking up a project of community development and outreach, to improve the welfare of the people living around Mt Arjuno, situated in East Java (Indonesia).

Mt Bromoo

The scope of this OCS project includes:

1. Conducting English Language lessons in secondary schools.
2. Helping to refurbish the school infrastructure.

We are looking for students with the following attributes:

· a keen interest and desire to discover and experience new cultures

· a keen interest and desire to work on community projects to enrich and uplift lives

· able to apply knowledge gained in school to community projects

· a natural leader and team player

· people-oriented

· fully committed to this project

· adventurous, outgoing and sociable

· an effective communicator and confident public speaker

· possess mental and physical stamina

· medically fit

Please forward any enquiries to Rosmaria or Sujati

Register here by 30 Jun 2015 and we will call you for an interview.