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In SP, we believe that everyone can be a leader. The SP Student Leadership Programme (LEAP) aims to groom students as caring leaders who are committed to serve the community.  Student leaders will learn to be effective individuals, team contributors and team leaders.

Take a LEAP and discover the leader in YOU!

SP Student Leadership Programme (LEAP)

This is a 4-level progressive programme that aims to develop effective student leaders in Personal Leadership, Team Leadership and Servant Leadership.

Student leaders will learn to be conscious of self, others and the community. They will gain confidence in leading others by being self-aware so they can serve the community as caring leaders.

As a self-directed programme, students may choose to develop their leadership skills through various pathways.  By their graduating year, student leaders will be awarded the various LEAP Level that will serve as a testament to their accomplishments in leadership development.

LEAP Experiential Learning Camps

1LEAP Experiential 1
1LEAP Experiential 2
1LEAP Experiential 3

LEAP Experiential Learning Camps are designed for identified student leaders across SP (e.g. school leaders, CCA leaders).  The camps are conducted both locally and overseas.

Student leaders will be taught various leadership concepts including the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leader.  Participating in the camps allows student leaders to experience being a team leader in complex environments and situations.  Student leaders will reflect, practise and apply leadership concepts in realistic scenarios under the guidance of mentors and facilitators. The leadership skills learnt will prepare them to be better leaders when they graduate.

National Youth Achievement Award

2National Youth 1
2National Youth 2
2National Youth 3

The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Programme is a holistic and non-competitive programme of voluntary leisure activities. It provides youths between the ages of 16 and 30 a platform to develop themselves and serve the wider community. This programme is in line with the Ministry of Education’s Levels of Attainment, which focus on effort and merit of the individual.

In SP, we provide guidance to students who aim to attain the NYAA Gold Award.  Programmes offered by SP will support students to accomplish their NYAA journey within 3 years of their student life.  Besides, students also have the freedom to partake in activities you enjoy while fulfilling the criteria for the various components.

Read more on how to sign up and the benefits of completing NYAA in SP.

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