Pre-U Seminar

Pre-U Seminar

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The Pre-University (Pre-U) Seminar is the annual platform which usually takes place in June, where students from different educational institutions come together to achieve a better understanding of issues relevant to Singapore’s progress. The seminar was launched in 1970 and is jointly organised by the Ministry of Education and a Pre-U institution.

Every year, about 20 SP students will be selected to represent SP in the seminar where more than 500 nominated students from 35 pre-universities, polytechnics, sports and arts schools will gather to discuss, brainstorm and present ideas on a given theme.

There will be expert interviews, learning journeys and interactions with fellow Pre-U Seminar participants. Students will get a chance to meet Ministers and even present their ideas to them during the Opening/Closing Ceremonies.

Updated: Sep 1, 2021 at 16:30