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Excellence Awards

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The Excellence Award is one of the highest accolades of SP which aims to recognise the achievements and contributions of students in their Co-Curricular Activities in SP and beyond.

The awards affirm outstanding SP students who have shown efforts and made significant contributions towards the vibrancy of SP. Recipients of the awards are role-models who uphold the SP CORE values and qualities of SP Graduate Attributes.

In light of the COVID-19 situation, the following awards were given out in the Excellence Awards 2021.

    • Outstanding Contributions (Individual)
    • Outstanding Contributions (Group)

Click for the criteria and timeline of the awards (via ichat accounts only)

Watch the recorded live stream of the Excellence Awards 2021 ceremony that took place on 31 March 2021. For more information on the winners and to view the award ceremony event photos, visit our Excellence Awards SharePoint site. (via ichat accounts only)

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