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Held annually in the October/November period, the SP Arts Fiesta is a month-long festival of dance, music and theatre. Throughout the festival month, there will be concerts and productions put up by our performing arts clubs featuring the best of SP’s talents from contemporary Jazz to classical Chinese orchestra, band, cultural and contemporary dances, etc. There are also arts and music workshops conducted by local artistes for SP students. Other than providing an opportunity for our Arts & Culture clubs to showcase their “wares”, it is also an avenue for the SP community to develop an appetite for the Arts.

In the blink of an eye, the SP Arts Fiesta has come into its 10th year! In light of the COVID-19 situation, we have fully embraced the World Wide Web to come up with our inaugural live-stream edition of SP Arts Fiesta!

The Virtual Edition of SP Arts Fiesta 2020 presents Vitality. Despite the difficulties, the vitality of our creative spirits and technology work hand in hand to bring Arts Fiesta through 10 years and beyond. The show must go on.

For five days starting from 14 December 2020, you get to experience a series of hour-long episodes filled with music, dance and drama of varying genres! Each episode is formed through blood, sweat, tears, and an abundance of disinfectant. Our students from our performing arts CCAs as well as their club officers and coaches went through months of preparation; it is certainly no easy feat to plan, rehearse and record with all the Safe Management Measures in place. But we did it! Catch the “Behind the Scenes” here!

Thank you for watching! View all the episodes here! 

Episode 1 – Into the Woods – featuring SP Theatre Compass

Let SP Theatre Compass whisk you away into the realm of fairy tales, trials, and morals with their rendition of the 2014 musical film adaptation of “Into the Woods”. Put your emotions through the wringer as you follow the Baker and his wife through their many trials and tribulations to obtain a child. Discover how their quest is intertwined with characters from familiar tales like The Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel and many others. View Programme Booklet for Episode 1

Episode 2 – Exploring the Woods – featuring SP Malay Language Society, SP Chinese Orchestra, SP Indian Cultural Society, SP Japanese Cultural Club

What would Singapore be like without its different cultures? Come explore our cultural Rainforest; evergreen and teeming with vitality and diversity. From the Chinese classic 茉莉花 by SP Chinese Orchestra, to the original works by SP Malay Language Society and SP Indian Cultural Society. SP Japanese Cultural Club will also light up the woods with their debut Glowstick dance, Wotagei; dancing to the tunes of Japanese anime favourites. View Programme Booklet for Episode 2

Episode 3 – Dancing in the Wind – featuring SP Strictly Dance Zone

The fan-favourite Strictly Dance Zone is back for SP Arts Fiesta! Come witness some epic B-boy, Modern Dance and Hip Hop dance moves being busted out by our ever-talented and hardworking dancers. Dance along in the comfort of your own rooms! Featuring key iconic locations in Singapore Polytechnic, let it be your personal challenge to identify each of the places shown! View Programme Booklet for Episode 3

Episode 4 – Breath of New Life – featuring SP Piano Ensemble, SP Harmonica Ensemble, SP String Ensemble, SP Guitarists

“Where words fail, music speaks”, Hans Christian Anderson.

This episode, we let our instruments do the talking. Four different categories of instruments – the piano, harmonica, guitar, and other string instruments, will be performing pieces from every decade. From Jay Chou and Tones and I, to Pachelbel’s Canon in D and Pirate of The Caribbean. Included in this hour of musical harmonies are also original compositions that are sure to wow and move you. View Programme Booklet for Episode 4

Episode 5 – Wings of Change – featuring SP Garage Band, SP Jazz Band

Get cozy in our living room – our Garage Band and Jazz Band are here to liven up your day! Enjoy the smooth nuances of Jazz ballads by SP Jazz band and then be strung along to the lively tunes from Garage Band. Come join us for this last day of fun that marks the end of our week-long Arts Fiesta journey! View Programme Booklet for Episode 5

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