National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA)

The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) Gold Programme is a holistic and non-competitive programme of voluntary leisure activities, to provide youths between the ages of 16 and 30 a platform to develop themselves and serve the wider community. This programme is in line with the Ministry of Education’s Levels of Attainment, focusing on effort and merit of individual.

We strongly encourage students to sign up for the Gold Award as it can be easily accomplished in the 3 years of student life in SP. Furthermore, you have the freedom to partake in activities you enjoy while fulfilling the criteria for the various components.

The minimum time period taken to complete NYAA (Gold) award is 18 months. If you have previously attained NYAA (Silver) award, the minimum time period would be 12 months to complete the NYAA (Gold) Award.

Join us at SP NAC (NYAA Ambassadors Club). We are a community of students working together to help the student body in accomplishing the NYAA Gold Award.

Sections of the Award

Service Learning
Developing awareness of issues in the community, growing into proactive, solution-oriented, and socially responsible citizens.
(At least 60 hours of regular activities over a minimum of 12 months)

Outdoor Appreciation
Enhances teamwork and improves critical-thinking skills, allowing youths to better care for the environment.
(At least 36 hours of outdoor activities with specific learning goals)
(Going for a LEAP overseas camp can help to clock this section)

Healthy Living
Adopting healthy behaviours, improve physical and emotional well-being
(At least 48 hours of regular activities over a minimum of 18 month for NYAA Gold, and 12 months for NYAA Silver)

Community Leadership Initiative
Self-initiated projects, working with people from various backgrounds and creating solutions for a specific issue to assist the national/international community.
(Duration is dependent on the project to be completed individually or in a small group)

A formal report with endorsement has to be submitted to NYAA Council to be considered for completion of NYAA (Gold) Award.

Signing up for NYAA in SP

To Sign-Up

  1. Please pay a Registration fee of $17.00 to the NYAA Council via the following payment methods:

(a) Bank Transfer Info for POSB & DBS card users: 098 – 000246 – 4 (NYAA DBS Current A/C);

(b) Bank Transfer Info for other bank users: 7171 – 098 – 000246 – 4 (NYAA DBS Current A/C);

(c) Payment via PayNow or PayLah: UEN No: S91SS0104L

Please retain a copy of your payment receipt.

  1. Submit the following online registration form (Please note that you will be required to attach a softcopy of the payment receipt to complete the submission).

If you have any queries on the programme, please contact Mr Wales Ong at: and for registration matters, please contact Mr Low Chin Soon at:

Benefits of completing the NYAA (Gold) Award while you are in SP
  • Be awarded 6 Achievement Points
  • Achievement of NYAA (Gold) shown on CCA Statement
  • Activities that you have done can also receive CCA points
  • If you join SA’s NYAA Ambassadors’ Club (NAC) actively:
    • Achieve your NYAA (GOLD) together with a community of like-minded students
    • Privilege to be mentored by senior students and officer from SA
  • Receive the prestigious award from the President of the Republic of Singapore, joining a rare group of students who have had the privilege.
Completing the award

A formal report needs to be submitted to NYAA Council after completing all 4 components of the NYAA Gold Award. Each component needs to be submitted for vetting by the NAC club officer after each component is completed.

Download the endorsement form from this link

The report template can be downloaded below:

  • Before 2018 NYAA Gold Award Model – Click here
  • 2018 onward’ s NYAA Gold Award Model – Click here

An example of the schedule needed for the report can be downloaded below:

  • Before 2018 NYAA Gold Award Model – Click here
  • 2018 onward’ s NYAA Gold Award Model – Click here

A sample of a completed report can be downloaded here. After you have downloaded the form, in Microsoft Words, under the review tab, click show comments. It will show you more guidance in filling up the form:    For additional help, please approach NYAA Ambassador Club (NAC) at to help you complete your NYAA journey.