SP Student LEAdership Programme (LEAP)


A progressive programme that develops effective student leaders in Personal Leadership and Team Leadership. Student leaders will learn to be conscientious of self, others and context. They will gain confidence in leading others by being self-aware and to be ready to serve as caring leaders. The programme aims to help student leaders achieve significant achievements while they are in SP (eg. LEAP Achievers, NYAA Gold Award, etc).

Take a LEAP!

Discover the LEADER in you!

The LEAP Camp is an experiential learning camp. A key element of experiential learning is reflecting on the experience and applying the concepts. Often the actual learning happens after the activity is completed. Students will reflect and discuss what they have experienced and why the activity is relevant or important. Using the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership as a framework, students will get to learn in-depth practical knowledge through the various experiential activities planned out for them.