Students from the Electrical and Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College (NITSC) visited Singapore Polytechnic on 27 September 2016 for an exchange programme trip where they visited SP’s School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) & the Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) to visit the facilities that we offer. In addition, they experienced a local culture workshop where they hand-made snow skin mooncakes, taught by SP students to experience the local Chinese culture first hand. Read on to find out a reflection from one of the students involved in hosting the Sasebo College students

The snow skin mooncake workshop today is a fun and meaningful programme not only for the Japanese students but also for the helpers that is helping out as well. Not many people know how to make a mooncake and through this workshop, I was able to learn and teach the Japanese students how to make a snow skin mooncake. I was told by one of the teachers that the Japanese students have eaten mooncake before and they like it but does not know how to make them, so this workshop was really a good experience for them.


During this workshop, there was a language barrier between me and the Japanese students. Although some of them could speak little English, it was hard to get the message across to them. It took me quite a while to tell them the instructions but after they understand how to make them, guiding them as they make the mooncake was very fun. Not only was I able to learn how to make the mooncake, also I was able to teach and communicate with the Japanese students despite the language differences.

Overall, this workshop was a new experience for me. It was fun and meaningful as I learn how to make the mooncake and pass on my knowledge about the mooncake festival and how to make the mooncake to the Japanese students, so they would understand the Chinese culture better. I also learnt about the culture & language exchange between 2 countries. I really enjoyed myself today and would look forward to any such events in the future.

Article contributed by Lau Jia Ji, Year 1 student from the Student Exchange Club