It was a first experience for SP and the students from the Student Exchange Club as a group of exchange students from the University of Michigan interacted with them over sharing sessions, games and dinner.

A history of Singapore and our cultural practices and traditions were shared with the exchange students, who were intrigued by the diversity of cultures and religions in Singapore. Both the exchange students and the SP students bonded over traditional Singapore games such as five stones and over a sumptuous pizza dinner. Read on to find out on a reflection from one of the student helpers involved in the programme.

Reflections by Student

Name of Student: Lilibeth Soh Ying Xian

Diploma & Year of Student: Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering, Year 2

It was an amazing night at the exchange program on 24 May 2017. It was an ingenious way of allowing Singaporean students to interact with students of other universities. Through the program, I got to learn about the education system overseas and how their way of life differed from us. This created a solid bridge of understanding between the 2 cultures and it helped to forge friendships between students of 2 different countries.

From a local perspective, it was exciting to share my own country’s culture with friends out of Singapore. We also taught them Singlish which is our signature language in Singapore, and it was entertaining to watch them struggle to learn and use Singlish. It was also a great opportunity to interact and meet new friends.

In all, I would recommend students to join such interactive exchange programs and I, personally, look forward to the upcoming exchange in the near future!