Students from the Mechanical Engineering School from the National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College (NITSC) visited Singapore Polytechnic on 27 September 2017 for an exchange programme trip where they visited SP’s School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) to visit the facilities that we offer. In addition, they experienced a local culture workshop where they hand-made snow skin mooncakes, taught by SP students to experience the local Chinese culture first hand. Read on to find out a reflection from one of the students involved in hosting the Sasebo College students.

Student Reflection

I had a great time as a helper for the Sasebo Inbound Programme. It was a mooncake making workshop where the students from National Institute of Technology, Sasebo College got to try out on how to make mooncakes and taste them as well. It was a little awkward at the start as it was a much bigger group of students than I expected. I was constantly thinking on how to approach and talk to them as they started to get seated. After a while, I decided to pick up my courage and with my friend, Lilin, we sat with a group of male students while they are having their lunch. To my surprise, they were all friendly and nice to talk to. I had a really great time getting to know each of them during lunch. Soon after, the mooncake making workshop commenced. The teaching video shown on the visualizer were easy to follow and understand. After that, we proceeded to one of the tables and started making the mooncakes. At the start, the Sasebo students weren’t that good at making them. They would look at each other making the mooncakes and laughed over how funny their mooncakes turned out to be. But after a while, they became real experts! Their shape of the mooncakes was nice and they were making the mooncakes so fast. They tasted their own mooncakes and was telling me how delicious it was in their language, “Oishi!”. It was heartening to see that they enjoyed the program we planned for them. However, all good things come to an end. We said our goodbyes after the mooncake workshop. I added them as friends on “Line” and we created a Line group together so we could continue to keep in contact with each other. I felt that the entire workshop was a success as I enjoyed it personally as a helper and I could see that the Sasebo students enjoyed it as well.

Name of Student: Joel Lim

Diploma & Year of Student: Diploma in Banking and Finance, Year 2