The Hiroshima Institute of Technology Polytechnic (HITP) visited Singapore Polytechnic for the annual inbound exchange programme from 16 to 26 September 2017. 6 students who came from different faculties visited Singapore, where they learnt about the different economic, development and history of Singapore through the various activities that they did, such as visiting the HDB Hub and Chinatown. The students also had a chance to explore some of the schools & facilities in SP, where they learnt about what our students experience in Singapore. Through hands on activities like Batik Making and Lion Dance performances, the exchange students get to learn about the culture of Singapore in-depth. Read on to find out on a reflection from one of the student helpers involved in the hosting.

Student Reflection

Before the students from Hiroshima Institute of Technology Polytechnic (HITP) arrived on 16 September 2017, I was very anxious because I did not have confidence in my ability to converse in Japanese, and it was also my first time meeting any of the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) students involved. Thankfully, everyone was very patient and understanding, and encouraged me to have more confidence in my proficiency in Japanese. Thereafter, I had even helped as a translator as well.

During their stay, the students were very keen on learning more about our culture, and even picked up Singlish very quickly. It was also very heart-warming to see them get intrigued by the little things about Singapore, be it regarding our food, culture or infrastructure. I was also given the opportunity to stay over at the SP Apartments with one of the HITP students since she was the only female. This allowed me more time to bond and share more about all things Singaporean.

The program lasted for around 11 days, and it was a truly enjoyable and memorable event. We brought them to places of interest, such as Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion, and Universal Studios Singapore. Given the long duration spent together, we had forged deep bonds and still keep in contact via social media.

Throughout the course of this program, I feel like I have cultured a greater level of patience, courage and also a deeper understanding of both Japanese and Singaporean culture. I am very glad I have been given a chance to meet such wonderful people, both the HITP and the SP students and teachers included. I would definitely love to participate again in upcoming exchange programs.


Name of Student: Jamie Leong

Diploma & Year of Student: Diploma in Digital Animation, Year 1