To recognise the achievements, talents and contributions of our students throughout the year in the areas of co- curricular activities encompassing the 4 key pillars of Arts, Sports, Leadership and Community Service.


The awards are an affirmation of our students’ efforts and contributions in making SP vibrant, in living our SP CORE values and in maintaining high SP standards.

Model Student Award

This award is given to students who have excelled academically, contributed significantly in CCAs and have embodied the SP CORE values. The recipients are:


Despite only being in his first year in the school, Chai Jin has made a splash when he competed in the POL-ITE swimming competition, breaking the meet records of all the individual events that he took part in. With his contribution, the men’s team managed to achieve first place for the men’s 4x50 metres medley relay. Other than his impressive record as a school team swimmer, Chai Jin has also performed well for the national team. He was a finalist in the 2019 FINA World Cup 50 metres backstroke event.


While most athletes excel in one sport, Jamie is talented in two, namely swimming and finswimming. Other than attending her club and national trainings, she also makes time to attend trainings in school regularly and helped to contribute tremendously to the growth of female swimmers in the team. Last year, she was invited to participate in the 17th Asian Finswimming Championships as well as the FINA Swimming World Cup 2019. Her medal haul in both the POL-ITE and IVP Competitions has definitely made an impact to the overall results for the women’s team.


A passionate and caring leader, Jaslyn ensures everyone in the team is well-taken care of and is an excellent conduit between coach, staff and teammates. Under her leadership, the team not only improve their volleyball skills, but also put in place new process and work habits for the team to continually improve. Despite being on internship this year, she continues to come back for trainings and maintains her great commitment to the team and sport.


SP Handball (Men) has consistently done well and finished as champions for a fourth consecutive year in this year’s POL-ITE Handball tournament. They were able to maintain their hold on the trophy through hard work, enduring the tough training and participating in external competitions to continuously push themselves further. The team achieved 2nd placing in the 2019 National Handball League, where they played against teams with older and more experienced players and 3rd placing in the 2019 National Youth Handball League. With the discipline and right attitude, they managed to turn every obstacle and defeat into success. The Handball (Men) team indeed practices and displays exemplary values that exemplifies the Championship Culture of sports teams in SP.


This award is given to the sports team that has shown tremendous improvement and the winner of this award is the SP Archery Women’s Team. The team emerged as runners-up in the 2019 POL-ITE Archery competition, clinching 17 medals, of which 7 were gold, out of a possible 35 medals. This is no mean feat considering that the team has never been among the top three podium finishers for many years.


This award recognises talented athletes who have achieved excellence at school level and have represented the nation in their respective sports. The recipients are:


This award goes to Kane Flaherty who has been with SP Theatre Compass since 2014. Kane has displayed high levels of commitment and dedication in the development of the club members into thespians and agents of change in the SP art scene. Kane has inculcated amongst those under his tutelage a mentality that not only focuses on excellence, but also compassion and responsibility.


The award is given to student leaders for their outstanding service and contributions in their CCA. The recipients are:


The award is given to student clubs for their outstanding service and contributions in their CCA. The recipients are: