-- An anti-terror exercise and education on key SGSecure Initiatives -

As ISIS marks the third anniversary of its self-proclaimed caliphate this month, the group is losing its hold on physical territory. But its foreign fighters are returning to their home countries, many of them hardened radicals ready to launch attacks. And its message continues to hold sway and win new recruits. The first Singapore Terrorism Threat Assessment Report published on1 June by the Ministry of Home Affairs concluded that the threat to Singapore is serious.

How can we stand together as one to counter the seemingly relentless onslaught of terror and to protect our families and loved ones?  In SP, how can we be more prepared?


Learn more about SGSECURE.  Be exposed to CPR-AED and Improvised First Aid Skills.  Engage in Carnival games.  Indulge in scrumptious delights.

This event is organised in collaboration with MHA, SPF, SCDF and PA and supported by SP Ambassadors and SP Civil Defence Lionhearters student clubs and the CEP student ambassadors.