Singapore Polytechnic Students' Union

The Singapore Polytechnic Student’s Union (SPSU) is the largest student organization at SP. And guess what? You are already a part of it! Every SP student studying is automatically a member. Of course you are not obliged to prioritise SPSU. However we do encourage you to participate in the myriad of awesome activities we plan for SP! At SPSU, we are constantly finding ways to engage with students, bring everybody together and create a stronger sense of belonging. And if you have any cool initiatives to make life at SP just a bit more fun, don’t hesitate to work together with SPSU!

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SP Ambassadors

SP Ambassadors is dedicated to developing the skills of our members to be laudable emissaries for our fantastic school. We are a multi-disciplinary group of charismatic students, from studious scholars and musicians to accomplished dancers and athletes. You’ll be surprised to see how much there is to learn from this diverse group. Beyond our serious skill-building work, the club definitely has its fun side! Check out our Whatsapp group to see how fun and jovial our outings and gatherings can be! Email Address:

SP NYAA Ambassadors

If you are already participating in sports competitions or are involved in community projects, then you are pretty much already on the path! To get yourself NYAA gold will only require a few more steps from you! NYAA Ambassadors encourages students to take up the NYAA gold programme, as well as help guide NYAA participants in completing your journey of NYAA. We will assist you in achieving your goals and provide you with avenues to gain new skills along the way. Email Address: