Leadership & Service Learning

Community Service & Cultural Club

Do you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Do you want to give back something meaningful to the community? Then the Community Service and Cultural Club (CSCC) might just be the CCA for you! At CSCC, we aim to change your perceptions of the the world through meaningful activities and community projects. So if you would like to be part of that change. join us!

Email Address: spcscc@cca.sg

Singapore Polytechnic Students' Union

The Singapore Polytechnic Student’s Union (SPSU) is the largest student organization at SP. And guess what? You are already a part of it! Every SP student studying is automatically a member. Of course you are not obliged to prioritise SPSU. However we do encourage you to participate in the myriad of awesome activities we plan for SP! At SPSU, we are constantly finding ways to engage with students, bring everybody together and create a stronger sense of belonging. And if you have any cool initiatives to make life at SP just a bit more fun, don’t hesitate to work together with SPSU!

Email Address: spsu@cca.sg

SP Ambassadors

SP Ambassadors is dedicated to developing the skills of our members to be laudable emissaries for our fantastic school. We are a multi-disciplinary group of charismatic students, from studious scholars and musicians to accomplished dancers and athletes. You’ll be surprised to see how much there is to learn from this diverse group. Beyond our serious skill-building work, the club definitely has its fun side! Check out our Whatsapp group to see how fun and jovial our outings and gatherings can be!

Email Address: sparc@cca.sg

SP BP Mentoring Club

The SP BP Mentoring Club is dedicated to helping the students of Singapore Polytechnic to achieve their full potential. Mentoring is far more than just tutoring or counselling. Beyond helping members to improve their academic results, mentoring helps to guide students through their life at SP, while encouraging them grow into capable, resilient and mature individuals. The mentors achieve this by acting in a big brother/sister role that can connect them with members in a strong bond.

Email Address: spbpmentoring@cca.sg

SP Civil Defence Lionhearters Club

The SP Civil Defence Lionhearters (SPCD) is a CCA committed to equipping our members with crucial life-saving and emergency-preparedness skills. SPCD also focuses on passionately serving the community with our skills and knowledge. Through the many events we hold, our members are able to demonstrate their strong desire to help out and aid the under-privileged both in Singapore and in other countries. We aim to cultivate strong leaders and give back to the society that we hold so dear.

Email Address: spcd@cca.sg

SP Environment Club

It’s all in the name! The SP Environment Club (SPENV) is a CCA group concerned about the natural environment. SPENV is committed to promoting environmental awareness and a sustainable lifestyle both on campus and beyond. We organize many campaigns and projects meant to make a difference in SP, such as Toner Collection or Hungry for Change. We welcome any and all efforts in bettering the environment, so join us if you have ideas and want to help turn students into proper stewards of the environment.

Email Address: spenv@cca.sg

SP Leo Club

Leadership. Experience. Opportunity. These are the traits LEO Club represents and embodies. At LEO, we believe that leadership requires more than just learning. Leaders rise through action; by contributing to society and serving the community. Your leadership skills will be placed to the test, as you will be at the forefront of helping the unfortunate. At LEO, we want you to be seen as more than just another member of the community. We want YOU to become the pillar of the community.

Email Address: spleo@cca.sg

SP NYAA Ambassadors

If you are already participating in sports competitions or are involved in community projects, then you are pretty much already on the path! To get yourself NYAA gold will only require a few more steps from you! NYAA Ambassadors encourages students to take up the NYAA gold programme, as well as help guide NYAA participants in completing your journey of NYAA. We will assist you in achieving your goals and provide you with avenues to gain new skills along the way.

Email Address: spnyaa@cca.sg

SP Primers

The Singapore Polytechnic Primers believe that people learn best through action. Whether it is learning about a particular social issue or even something about ourselves. SP Primers wants to be a platform for learning and self-discovery. By having the members take part in and take charge, they will be able to see how they can contribute to the community and grow as leaders. By guiding you through various experiences, we hope to see our members grow into capable leaders that actively serve society.

Email Address: spprimers@cca.sg

SP Red Cross

SP Red Cross (SPRX) is an active youth volunteer division of the Singapore Red Cross Society. We are involved in a large spectrum of projects to better give back to the community like our annual Blood Donation Drives (BDD), which raises awareness and encourages the SP population to donate blood. As part of our training, we also train our members in first aid and raise awareness of the importance that First Aiders play in the community.

Email Address: spredcross@cca.sg

SP Rotaract Club

SP Rotaract is a part of the international program, Rotary International. We have sister clubs in NUS, NTU, SMU, NYP as well as over 7000 Rotaract Clubs across 150 countries. At its core, the SP Rotaract club is all about community service. We work hard at making meaningful contributions to communities as well as developing ourselves to better serve the society. Focusing on aspects like: community service, club service, international service and professional development, where we conduct workshops and talks to hone life skills such as communication and leadership.

Email Address: sprotaract@cca.sg

SP Sign Language Club

SP Sign Language Club (SPSLC) is a CCA of Singapore Polytechnic whose goal is to create an inclusive society for the deaf. To this end, we endeavour to train our members – both hearing and non-hearing – with the skills needed to communicate through a common language. We teach Signing Exact English, starting from the Basics stage then progressing to the Intermediate and Advanced stage. Song singing classes are where we teach members express a song using movement and sign language, allowing both the performers and audience to experience the meaning of the songs.

Email Address: spslc@cca.sg

SP Welfare Services Club

Always wanted to serve the community? Singapore Polytechnic Welfare Services Club (SPWSC) might just be the CCA group for you! Here, community service is basically the embodiment of what we are all about. From conducting food donation drives to cleaning of houses to regular service for elders and children, SPWSC has plenty of activities and projects to create a better community, so you’ll always have plenty of opportunities to serve the unfortunate!

Email Address: spwsc@cca.sg