Current Affairs & Debating Club

Learn to become a confident public speaker through the art of debating current affairs. The CADC Club members are passionate about bringing people together to engage in intense discussion and verbal sparring sessions on issues of importance from the world around us. Members get to boost their critical analysis and oratorical skills while forging lasting friendships.

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SP Astronomers

Fascinated about the universe beyond our own? Then SP Astronomers is definitely the club for you! We can’t put you in a spaceship, but we can discover what the universe has to offer by gazing at the stars to find answers to life’s mysteries. We hold awesome activities such as stargazing events and AstroVenture, where you can observe the cosmos with our powerful telescopes. And just like our endless universe, at SP Astronomers there’s no end to what we can learn beyond our skies. Email Address:

SP Aviation Club

Ever wanted to fly a plane? Experience being in the cockpit with SP Aviation Club (SPAVC)! At SPAVC, we want to share our love for flying and appreciation for the art of flight mechanics, We do aeromodelling, flying with drones and aerial photography. If you enjoy learning about aerodynamics and operating flight crafts, then join us and let your dreams take flight! Website: Email Address:

SP Buddhist Society

Dāna (Giving), Sīla (Virtue) and Bhāvana (Cultivation). These are the three main ideals of Buddhism that the SP Buddhist Society (SPBS) endeavours to follow and impart upon our members through meditation and action. Acting with kindness in everyday life and the improving one self such as through a healthy lifestyle, we hope to lead through example and make the world a more peaceful place. Email Address:

SP Campus Crusade for Christ

We are the SP Campus Crusade for Christ (SPCCC), a community of SP students committed to upholding the word of Jesus Christ and spreading the faith of the Holy Spirit. We endeavour to carry out a spiritual movement whereby people can learn of and grow in faith of Jesus Christ, thereby strengthening our relationship with God. Email Address:

SP Catholic Students' Society

We’re a group of students who share the same Catholic faith! We find solace and friendship in praying together, going for mass and supporting each other in campus life. Come join us if you want to be part of our family and interested in the catholic faith. Email Address:

SP Christian Fellowship

We of the SP Christian Fellowship (SPCF) are a religious club that welcome Christians of any evangelical denomination to have a time of fellowship and Bible study. In Christian Fellowship, we aim to create a community where Christians can come together to honor God, make new and long lasting friendships as we continue to grow in God’s love. If you are looking for a place to receive spiritual support and learn more about Jesus Christ, join us! Email Address:

SP Civil Defence Lionhearters

The SP Civil Defence Lionhearters (SPCD) is a CCA committed to equipping our members with crucial life-saving and emergency-preparedness skills. SPCD also focuses on passionately serving the community with our skills and knowledge. Through the many events we hold, our members are able to demonstrate their strong desire to help out and aid the under-privileged both in Singapore and in other countries. We aim to cultivate strong leaders and give back to the society that we hold so dear. Email Address:

SP Comperes

We are the voice of your event! If you think that you have what it takes to stand in the spotlight, then come join the SP Comperes. Learn to use your voice with confidence and gain skills in public speaking and hosting. Email Address:

SP Entrepreneurs Club

At SP Entrepreneurs Club (SPEC), we explore ideas and gain the knowledge and skills to build our dreams. We aim to inspire students into becoming passionate world-ready entrepreneurs, providing them with the avenue and skills to enable them on their journey.We believe that everyone is an entrepreneur and at SPEC, we provide you with a chance to excel and shine to your fullest potential.

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SP Environment Club

It’s all in the name! The SP Environment Club (SPENV) is a CCA group concerned about the natural environment. SPENV is committed to promoting environmental awareness and a sustainable lifestyle both on campus and beyond. We organize many campaigns and projects meant to make a difference in SP, such as Toner Collection or Hungry for Change. We welcome any and all efforts in bettering the environment, so join us if you have ideas and want to help turn students into proper stewards of the environment. Email Address:

SP Infocomm Club

Interested in coding, programming and everything related to the fascinating world of bits and bytes? SP Infocomm (SPIC) is for you! Covering an exciting range of activities such as online competitions, group bonding events, and coding workshops, we’ve got it all! Website: Email Address:

SP International Students Club

Our mission is to help international students to adapt with their new life in Singapore and make them comfortable in their second home! We have many activities to foster friendships, bond with students of different nationalities to learn about new cultures and visits new places around Singapore. Email Address:

SP Makers

The Makers’ Club has been set up to allow students to express their creativity. It is a club for those who are interested to apply what they have learnt in their courses.A series of activities will be organised to allow students to learn, to interact with fellow makers, to make things.Some of the activities include: developing an Android App, doing 3D design & 3D printing, programming an Arduino.Members will be able to benefit from the venue (e.g. Makerspace in the Library), the training & guidance (by SP staffs) and the parts provided for the makers’ activities. Email Address:

SP Memory Sports Club

“Do you face any difficulties in recalling names, facts and figures? Have you ever wondered how it would be like if you can remember information better? Here at SPMSC, training sessions are conducted by memory masters to teach you techniques that can help you to maximise your brain’s abilities. Just like the other parts of your body, your brain needs exercise. With us, you have plenty of such opportunities to challenge your brain. So, join us today! Email Address:

SP Navigators

SP Navigators is a CCA group dedicated to sharing its vision of a large community of disciples of Jesus Christ, each contributing the best they can to the world of God. SP Navigators offers in-depth discipline training to all its members in order to enhance their personal connection to God and to increase their faith Activities organized by SP Navigators such as Bible studies and outreach events serve to strengthen the bonds between each member and to facilitate their growth as disciples of Jesus Christ. Email Address:

SP Photography Club

At the SP Photography Club (SPP), we share a passion for photography and engaging the world with our pictures. With bi-monthly photography training sessions where things like photography basics and photo-editing we hope to sharpen our skills and create stories through our lens. Website: Email Address:

SP Red Cross

SP Red Cross (SPRX) is an active youth volunteer division of the Singapore Red Cross Society. We are involved in a large spectrum of projects to better give back to the community like our annual Blood Donation Drives (BDD), which raises awareness and encourages the SP population to donate blood. As part of our training, we also train our members in first aid and raise awareness of the importance that First Aiders play in the community. Email Address:

SP Robotics Innovation & Technology Enterprise

Singapore Polytechnic Robotics, Innovations, Technology and Enterprise (SP-RITE) encourages curiosity and creative thinking among our peers. SP-RITE not only teaches you a foundation of technical knowledge, we thrive on curiosity and creative thinking! Join us to explore the world of robotics and create something new! Email Address:

SP Student Exchange Club

Interested in learning about different cultures? Want to make friends from around the world? Join the SP Student Exchange Club (SPSEC). At SPSEC, our aim is to create a world without strangers! We help our foreign friends to assimilate into the Singapore life and also get a chance to learn about their culture and way of life through bonding camps and exciting activities. Email Address:

SP Videography Club

Have a keen eye for videography? Love capturing emotions and excitement through your lenses? Join SP Videography and learn the skills and techniques from professionals! Get front row access to all the events in school! You will get to learn various recording techniques, editing skills and have access to all the equipment you need to create that perfect clip. Website: Email Address: