Ever dreamt of being a star on stage? Come join our performing arts CCAs and you might even get a chance to perform in our annual Arts Fiesta, where the best of SP’s talents from our performing clubs showcase their work in a month-long festival from contemporary jazz to classical Chinese orchestra, intense dramas and flamboyant dance shows.

SP Chinese Music & Cultural Club

Chinese Music and Cultural Club is a jamboree of Chinese music and cultural lovers. There are two departments under our club: the performance segment and the cultural segment. Our performance segment focuses on the essence of Mandopop. From composing our own songs to recreating music from the latest hits to the evergreen classic. Our cultural segment focuses on enhancing the knowledge of the chinese culture through events and workshops. So whether you are a fan of all things Chinese or you are just curious, SP CMCC welcomes you!

Email Address: spcmcc@cca.sg

SP Chinese Orchestra

Steeped in culture and history, SP Chinese Orchestra has evolved through the ages. Our dedication to our craft has led SPCO to become a highly renowned performing group that has performed internationally from Sabah to Hong Kong.

Email Address: spco@cca.sg

SP Dance Sport

SP Dancesport is more than just a competitive dance. Focusing on 5 Latin American ballroom dances: Rumba, Jive, Cha-Cha-Cha, Samba and Paso Doble. For us, dancing is like a freedom to express the passion we feel. These dances are both intricate and elegant but yet, fun at the same time.

Email Address: spdancesport@cca.sg

SP Deejays

If music is your life and you love watching people groove to your tracks, SPDJs is for you! Disc Jockeys – more popularly known as DJs/Deejays – are an essential part of any event. We explore all genres of music as well as learn the technical skills you need to produce your own tracks and make your own music.

Email Address: spdj@cca.sg

SP Guitarists

“Strumming my pain with his fingers… singing my life with his words…” -The Fugees
Imagine being able to express emotions through the magic of your fingers. It is not about the guitar but about the player. Whether your interest lies in acoustic or classical guitar, we have a special place for you.

Email Address: spguitarists@cca.sg

SP Harmonica Ensemble

Established in October 2015, the SP Harmonica Ensemble Club young CCA. But we make up for our age with a burning passion to give amazing performances. We are well versed in playing the harmonica but in our performances, we don’t just restrict ourselves to one type of instrument. By incorporating different kinds of instrument we are able achieve milestones in numerous genres such as classical, pop, festival, oldies etc, and take our performance to new heights.

Email Address: spharmonica@cca.sg

SP Indian Cultural Society

Indian Cultural Society (ICS) is a place where Indian students put together performances to showcase their talents whilst providing entertainment through our Annual stage production and multiple dance events throughout the year. We ensure that through these fun-filled entertainments, the public gets to learn and understand about the Indian culture. As a society, we strive to create an inclusive environment and a platform for members to discover and grow the talents to embrace their own culture through various activities.

Email Address: spics@cca.sg

SP Japanese Cultural Club

Are you a fan of Japanese music? Or perhaps you are an aficionado for Japanese manga? SP Japanese Cultural Club is the place where you will be able connect with like-minded peers who share the same interests as you. Here, you will be able to experience parts of Japanese culture you enjoy while exposing yourself to other aspects both modernly and traditionally.

Email Address: spjcc@cca.sg

SP Jazz Band

Founded in 2007, the SP Jazz Band has evolved into a well-known name around the campus. From its humble roots, the SP Jazz Band has performed at many large scale jazz events such as the Singapore International Jazz Festival and the Esplanades Mosaic Jazz Fellows, continuing to promote and contribute to the local jazz scene. This is possible through hard work and commitment.

Email Address: spjazz@cca.sg

SP Life Arts

SP LifeArts is an awesome CCA that allows people of similar interest to gather and share their skills with one another. We have 2 divisions: Plamo and Illustration. For Plamo, we specialise in the construction and refining of plastic model kits. The plastic model kits that we utilise ranges from the easily accessible Gundam model kit to popular and trending anime model kits. For Illustration, our drawers specialise in drawing well-know characters from Japanese anime, manga and other media but also explore aspects such as abstract or digital art.

Website: https://sites.google.com/cca.sg/spla
Email Address: spla@cca.sg

SP Lion Dance

SP Dragon & Lion Dance Club was formed to promote and appreciate traditional Chinese culture. This club not only serve as a fun-filled platform that enhances fitness, it can also foster friendships & aid in developing various personal attributes. Established in 1993, students have been actively participating in competitions and had served the community with countless exciting performances. Their efforts have been paid off by attaining the runner-up trophy in the tertiary category of the traditional competition.

Email Address: spliondance@cca.sg

SP Makeup Artiste Club

At SP Makeup Artistes Club, we are a passionate group of individuals who strive to transform lives through the skills and wonder of make up! Specialising in special effects and beauty skills make-up, our team of artistes have been essential to almost every event and production in SP. If you’re interested in beauty skilled make up, we learn bridal, runway and a variety of makeup looks. For special effects, we learn how to create effects through the use of clay, latex and other exciting textures, transforming a subject into a creature of fantasy or horror.

Email Address: spmac@cca.sg

SP Malay Language Society

At SPMLS, we explore the different aspects of the Malay culture and build friendships. With events ranging from cultural to religious, and women empowerment activities, SPMLS welcomes everyone. Committed to producing talented youths in both the language and performance arts sectors, we believe “Azam Kunci Kejayaan” which translates to “Determination is the key to Success”.

Email Address: spmls@cca.sg

SP Piano Ensemble

At SP Piano Ensemble provides a platform for our passionate members to showcase their skills to a live audience. We are committed to cultivating and growing the passion and skills for aspiring pianists. We hope that through rigorous training our members can use and display their mastery of the piano to contribute and promote the vibrant musical scene within SP.

Email Address: sppe@cca.sg

SP Stage Management Club

SP Stage Management is a dedicated and passionate crew specialising in providing sound and lights to events. We are committed to deliver stage presence that look and sound great. The club aims to expand the knowledge of each member through the trainings in sound engineering and technical light play. We are the backbone of every event!

Website: https://sites.google.com/cca.sg/spsm
Email Address: spsm@cca.sg

SP Strictly Dance Zone

For a dancer, skill is only one part of the equation. At SP Strictly Dance Zone, we provide you the training you need to enhance your skills and the opportunities to forge friendships and become part of our exciting family. If you have the drive, come soar to greater heights with us!

Email Address: spsdz@cca.sg

SP String Ensemble

Interested in stringed instruments? SP String Ensemble is the place to be! Consisting of mainly four stringed instruments, we play a wide range of musical genres from pop to jazz. We get plenty of opportunities to display our talents through gigs and concerts, such as ‘Classical Renaissance’. We do not only focus on practice, but also aim to have fun through what we love to do.

Email Address: spstringensemble@cca.sg

SP Symphonic Band

We are not just one of the oldest CCAs in SP, we are also a powerhouse in the local student band scene! We’re a tight knit family of musicians who pour our hearts into mastering our instruments, allowing them to hit all the right notes to perform musical masterpieces that has enthralled our audiences.

Email Address: spband@cca.sg

SP Theatre Compass

A tragic historical play? Yeah we can do that. A fun musical with dance? We can pull that off. Drama is our bread & butter and the stage is our second home! Gain confidence and have your time in the spotlight! Learn how to project your voice and emotions while building friendships that will last you for a lifetime.

Email Address: sptheatre@cca.sg

SP Vocal Talents

Closet bathroom singer? You’re halfway there! If you have the talent for singing, challenge yourself and try performing without instruments! At SP Vocal Talents (SPVT), we take our a cappella pretty seriously. You will get to learn various techniques of using your voice and like a beautiful melody, we also learn to harmonious through friendships and bonds that we build, complementing each other to bring out the best in you.

Email Address: spvocaltalents@cca.sg