At SP, our students are given many avenues to fulfill their artistic endeavours and grow holistically whilst doing so.



Using busking as a performance platform, aspiring artistes get more than their 15 minutes of fame as they sing, dance and play to the open crowd.

The audience is welcome to show their support by leaving comments, dedications and even tokens of monetary appreciation into the busking box. The buskers will be allowed to keep these ‘earnings’ as a form of rewards for their performance effort. CCA points will also be awarded to the student performers.

Busking normally happens in Term2

For busking opportunities, please email Ning, for further information.


Arts Conference

Executive members of the Arts-related Student Clubs get to attend an annual Art Conference that will train them on how to manage their clubs efficiently.

Arts Conference is held in April/May to assist the newly elected student club committee members to assimilate into the leadership role.


Arts Camp

Students attend the Arts Camp to develop better leadership skills. The annual camp takes students out of their comfort zone, reinforcing essential leadership lessons through outdoor activities. Students who attend the camp, forge bonds with fellow Arts enthusiasts, drawing from each other’s, experiences and lessons, then reapplying it in their daily lives.

Arts Camp will be held in June and is open to executive committee members of the Arts Related Student Clubs.