To the start of SP 200km Challenge 2018








The SP 200km Challenge is a 30-week programme where SP students and staff are encouraged to clock a total of 200km of walking/ jogging/ running. This is to promote healthy lifestyle among SP Students and Staff.




  • Only completed and duly signed forms will be accepted.
  • Participants are to submit registration forms to Department of Student Development and Alumni Relations (SA) by 27 April 2018 (Friday).
  • Challenge progress card will be issued upon successful registration and is to be collected within the stipulated period from SA Office. An email with collection details will be sent to all participants.
  • Participants who fail to observe the SP 200km Challenge rules will be given 1 warning, followed by disqualification.


Programme rules

  • Attendance and records pertaining to the challenge will be carried out by SP Gym staff.
  • Participants are to be in proper running attire.
  • Participants are to abide by the gym rules (if running indoors).
  • Participants are advised to visit the gym during non-peak periods to avoid the crowd.
  • As part of the gym etiquette, participants are advised to use the treadmill for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.
  • For students running outdoors, you are advised to run at the tracks at SP Sports Complex.
  • If you are running around the external perimeters of the campus, do exercise safety by running on the pedestrian walkway and keep a lookout of cars coming in/ out of the SP gates.


Medical Advisory

  • Participants are to ensure that they are well while attempting to complete the challenge.
  • Participants are advised to walk/ jog/ run at one’s own comfortable pace.
  • Should any participant feel unwell while attempting the challenge, do stop and seek immediate assistance from the SP gym staff/ SP Staff. All our SP gym staff are first-aid trained.


Rewards collection

  • Reward tiers are based on accumulated distance.
  • Reward items can be redeemed from SA.
  • SA reserves the right to modify the rules and reward items as necessary. Participants will be informed on any changes via email.

Registration is now open. Download your registration form here: Registration form 2018

Registration closes on 27 April 2018 (Friday).


Department of Student Development & Alumni Relations office opening hours:

Monday – Friday

8am -5.30pm