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Life of a student should be a balance between coursework and social experiences. The Department of Student Development (SD) aims to develop students into all-rounded young adults via co-curricular activities (CCA). We offer a wide range of exciting activities to help our students develop life skills so that they are future-ready.

1. Zainab

Theatre Compass made my life in SP more purposeful and complete with opportunities for growth as a student, citizen and human being.

– Zainab Iskandar, ex-President, SP Theatre Compass

2. Oh Jin Ziv

In my trip to Nepal, along with the interactions with the locals and serving to their needs, the reflection sessions facilitated at night also engage me to analyse my thought processes and how I can improve myself from then on as a better person.

– Oh Jin Ziv, MAD, YEP Bhakunde Besi 5

3. Jayne Chan

Usually, students get a scholarship based on their academic excellence, instead of their sporting endeavours so I feel very proud and satisfied.

– Jayne Chan, SP Sports & Arts Scholarships recipient

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Call 67751133/ 68708254 or email contactus@sp.edu.sg

We are located next to Poly Centre and Food Court 3, opposite the Moberly Building. Click here for the directions from Dover MRT to our office.

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